Read what our audiences are saying about Women Comedy’s shows and write your own entry.


Reina G.–
A hilarious unscripted show when they have a microphone in hand. The trio was totally relatable. They were women who hit the nail on the head in terms of their charisma and humor. Women Comedy is the best and a must-watch the show if you’re after for a great night out with the gals. Warning! Prepare yourself to overdose in laughing.

Brittany S.–
Wow! We’ve had a fun experience last night at the Star Court Theatre. We cried because we were all laughing so damned hard for 2 hours of hilariously, fabulous and hysterically funny stand up comedy delivered by the trio that compose Women Comedy. They just enthral you with every word, action and facial expression. You did a good job girls. The place was packed and this trio comediennes were extraordinarily talented that gave us way more in terms of our money’s value. A huge thank you from us for giving so much laughter.

Dianne L.–
What a cracker show ladies! We had a nonstop laughter last night. We had a blast. We are going back to your next show.

Terry S.–
What a great night. My jaw is hurting from laughing. You are brilliant. I want to see more and I want to laugh so hard again. Can’t Wait for your next performance.

Jodi G.–
When my sister said we were going to a play, I thought OH NO….. I’m so glad that it wasn’t a play, and I’m so happy I came to your show. It was a perfect girl’s night out with my sibling. Best comedy show I’ve ever seen. Please do more so we can watch more!

Jillian G.–
I have not laughed so much for ages. You made my year with so much laughter, ladies.

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