(From left to right: Garbage Dick, Ape Dick, Dead Dick and Missy Elliot)

WOMEN is four men. They are a sketch and stand-up comedy supergroup in Los Angeles, CA. They think murder, hate, idiots and suicide are funny.

They started making stuff in 2010 and refuse to stop. They went to SXSW. They’ve been featured in ONLINE PUBLICATIONS. They make videos for IFC. And for Comedy Central. And for Funny Or Die. And FOR THEMSELVES.

Here are some of the ONLINE PUBLICATIONS in which they’ve been featured:
Vulture: The 50 Comedians You Should Know in 2015
LA Weekly: 2014 Top 10 LA Comedy Acts to Watch
The Laugh Button: Best Sketches of 2014
Nerdist: The Most Intentionally Funny Videos of 2013
Splitsider: The 11 Best Video Sketch Groups on the Internet

WOMEN runs twitter.

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