The Secret Of How Women Comedy Came To Be…

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Women Comedy is a comedy sketch group with house performers and writers at comedy theaters around Las Vegas, Nevada. Women Comedy finds its roots in a dense bodywork created by the Las Vegas-based improvisational comedy troupe. The group has been together since 2007, writing and performing. Women Comedy has a unique style, with shows that are at once highly structured but absolutely free-spirited, full of spontaneous, unrehearsed dialogue, sweetly ridiculous writing and an energetic engagement with the audience.

For the first several years of its existence, Women Comedy had a tough work ethic. They perform only one production a month. In the summer of 2010, when one of the members went on an extended vacation, the others didn’t want to stop performing, so they opted to write a show for the rest of them – and so the door opened to what would become Women Comedy. In just a short span the girly comedy show got some very extraordinary responses from the audiences that it was seen as anything set apart from the other shows Women Comedy had created.

Their concept set the tone for everything else in the show – elements both beautifully innocent and ridiculous – as the girls incorporated each other’s personal life experiences. It became clear as they developed the show that it would be much more fun if only women attended and watched their shows, allowing for a ridiculous slumber party atmosphere and for greater exposure both on stage and in the audience.

If you want to watch our performance, you can check our schedules here on this website. Kindly browse through our Women Comedy website so you can get more information about us. Feel free to contact us as well if you have comments or suggestions. Thank you for your time!

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