Why Comedy Is Good For Women

When it comes to comedy, men tend to be much funnier than women. Well, that’s not exactly true. The issue is not that women are not funny, it is that there is the expectation that girls should be polite, modest and focus on their grades and not even try doing a comedy show. We would like to change this perception. But that’s not why you should do comedy. Comedy has a lot of good things that can benefit women.

You should do comedy in whatever form that is fit for you because it’s really good for you. You should try comedy because it’s fun, you have a smart take, and unique perspective and some-thing to say. Whether you are shy or if you think you are not that funny, you still need to try comedy because it will help build numerous important skills that will look good in your everyday life. Why not try practicing a comedy skit inside your garage door in Las Vegas?

Comedy helps you to practice your communication skills, confidence, and bravery. Comedy will teach you pretty much everything we try to teach girls such as how to live in the moment, how to process challenges, how to survive failures, how to get up there without a script. Of course, comedy helps you to find your funny side.

If you’re asking if comedy does all that? Yes. It seriously does. Comedy is pure power. Why? When you’re up there on the stage all by yourself, holding a microphone, you are in charge of telling a hilarious joke, you are the one who delivers the delight and fresh take. You’re flourishing in the massive power of surprise. When you’re on stage, you have a chance to express your point of view in a especially powerful way. You’re commanding them to listen to you. And the good thing is, they’re not just listening, they’re laughing because of your humorous mind. The greatest power that any human being can have is to make someone laugh.

That kind of power is a special key for every girl. Humor can help break the ice with those around you and your habits. Whatever your style is, your humor means owning, expressing, val-uing and sticking to your own point of view. At very least, your humor can help shut down inter-rupters. Comedy gives you a powerful new way of speaking, making yourself heard, and taking up space, in the first place.

Comedy isn’t only about clowning or just being silly, it requires you to sharpen your genuine per-sonality. Of course, every comedian spends a lot of years in developing and refining their own authentic personas. All you’ve got to do is to start somewhere.

In this era, we need more comedians. Of course, in every profession, we need more women as presidents, CEO and in high level positions. And, of course, there should be more in the comedy world.

Girls should know that it’s okay to be funny, well of course girls are already funnier than they think. Please know that being funny is being exactly who you are already.